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Unveil Your Event's Potential!


Welcome to a world of endless possibilities where your event aspirations take center stage. While we can't showcase every single item we hire, our vast inventory spans from top-tier speakers and enchanting lighting to versatile DJ controllers and beyond. This is your passport to a realm of top-notch gear that can transform your event into something truly extraordinary.

LED Numbers for hire


Illuminate Your Moments with a Pop of Glamour!

Introducing our show-stopping 4FT LED Numbers, a fusion of tradition and modern flair. Captivate your guests with the timeless charm of carnival lighting, now reimagined for your special occasions. Crafted in-house at our workshop, these numbers exude craftsmanship and uniqueness.

What sets us apart? We're proud to present the FIRST and ONLY LED numbers with carnival lighting, powered by batteries. No limits, no boundaries – place them wherever your heart desires, be it your home or chosen venue. Make a statement that shines as bright as your celebration. Elevate your event with our luminous LED Numbers!

4FT LED Numbers

From £80

From £80

DJ Controller

Full PA Hire

From £120

From £120


Unleash Your Inner DJ with Our Ultimate PA Package!

Take control of your event's rhythm like never before with our unbeatable PA package. Elevate the excitement by adding extras that transform your setup into a full-fledged DJ experience – minus the DJ! Whether you've got a party pro in mind or you're the master of ceremonies yourself, our package lets you rock the beats your way.

Imagine the scene: Lights flashing, beats dropping, and you're the maestro behind it all. No need for another DJ when you've got the power at your fingertips. Whether you're throwing the bash of the year or just embracing the freedom to groove, our PA package has you covered.
What's covered in the package:
X2 RCF or QSC or Yamaha Speakers
X1 DJ Booth (black or white)
X1 Microphone
X1 ADJ 3 in 1 Light
Setup, collection and instructions on how to use it

Our clients having fun

Karaoke Hire

From £135

Get ready to ignite the stage and sing your heart out with our show-stopping Karaoke Hire service. Imagine a night where you're not just an audience member, but the dazzling star of the show!

Uncompromising Convenience:
Our dedicated team handles all the hard work. From setup to demo, we ensure your Karaoke system is primed and ready for an epic sing-along. Just press play and let your inner diva or rockstar shine!

Spectacular Sound and Vision:
Immerse yourself in premium sound quality that captures every note and lyric. Our high-tech equipment transforms your space into a concert arena, complete with dynamic visuals that elevate your performance to another dimension.

Guided Brilliance:
Never used a Karaoke system before? No worries! Our experts provide step-by-step guidance, so you're set up in a jiffy. No tech hassles, just pure entertainment bliss.

Sing 'til Sunrise:
With the collection scheduled for the next day, there's no need to cut short your Karaoke marathon. Belt out your favorite tunes, engage in friendly duets, and make lasting memories well into the night.

Unleash Your Inner Superstar:
Whether you're a solo sensation, a duet dynamo, or a group harmony maestro, our Karaoke setup lets you take center stage and unleash your vocal prowess like never before. It's not just singing; it's a spotlight experience!

DJ, PA Speakers for hire

Speaker Hire

From £80

From £80


Elevate Your Event's Sound with Our Speaker Hire!
Step into a new realm of convenience and quality with our speaker hire service. Tired of the same old DJ routine? Hosting a cozy garden gathering or intimate event? Unleash the power of exceptional sound while retaining full control of your playlist – that's the magic of our speaker hire!
No fuss, no frills – just pure audio excellence tailored to your event's needs. Choose between a hassle-free collection and return option or go the extra mile for our top-notch team to set up and guide you through the experience.
Relax, unwind, and let us take care of your auditory desires. Your event, your playlist, our superior sound quality – the ultimate equation for an unforgettable experience!

**Your Event, Your Way: Explore Limitless Possibilities!**

Elevate your event with our arsenal of top-tier gear: Moving heads, uplights, podiums, lasers, mirror lighting, gobos, Denon DJ controllers, and a cutting-edge medium-sized Bluetooth Jukebox – it's all here. Can't spot what you need? Reach out and unlock even more surprises! Your vision, our expertise – let's make magic happen.

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